Q & A

  • Who are you people?

We are SHOOTME! The main person behind the label is Panos Economou, a director and video editor. But, we can be almost anything! At least anything a project needs. We can be three shooters, two designers, sound recorders and photographers. But we can also be as compact as a shooter and a camera. It all depends on the project! 

  • Where are you?

Our base is in Athens, Greece. But we travel a lot. And that's good, because many of our projects were shot far away from home and we loved it! So, we can safely say that our base can be where your base is.

  • What kind of projects are you into?

Web videos are our specialty, but as long as our creativity isn't held back, we are up for any challenge. A startup trying to propagate their ideas, name and products?  A well established one in need to reach more people? The coverage of a great event, personal or public? Some crazy idea you came up with and you want it to become a crazy video reality? You name it! Do we like it? We shoot it!

  • What's your gear?

In the video world, new equipment and accesories are introduced each and every month. New cameras with improved capabilities, better lenses, advanced codecs, stabilizers, lights. But even a RED camera, or an ARRI, without a gifted mind behind the tool, can produce technically correct but aesthetically mediocre results. In the contrary, even a smartphone, in the right hands, can create nothing short of magic. Watch the video below, from talented Mr. Bloom, as a proof. Stay tuned for our take on this subject.

As you can see, gear is a tool and in the right hands it can create poetry. That said, we as shootme do our best to stay in touch with all the advancements in our field. And we are capable to use the right equipment for the right project. The point here is that we will initially focus on the story and from this ground, we will start selecting our gear. Not the other way around. Because a good story/idea, when well presented, is all that matters. And it's timeless. 

  • How much does it cost?

That's a question we couldn't possibly answer right now. It depends on so many factors. To name a few, the place, the hours needed for completion, the number of people involved, the deadline of the deliverables, the gear needed and many many others. Whatever your project may be, we will focus on the creation of the best possible outcome. Not the maximum income. 

more questions and answers? stay tuned! we are still in beta!